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Multiple Health Problems Improve 2

Multiple Health Problems Improve

Barry suffered from sinusitis, headaches, hay fever, high blood pressure, rising PSA levels, insomnia and anxiety. They improved with one remedy – but which one, and why?

Homeopathy for Sinusitis 3

Homeopathy for Sinusitis

Whether you’re suffering from thick, sticky mucous, a dirty coated tongue, deep right-sided sinus pain or more, chances are, homeopathy can help. Includes links to relevant research.

Remedies for Sinusitis 4

Remedies for Sinusitis

This doctor uses homeopathic remedies to drain the sinuses, manage infections, and get to the root of the problem to stop recurrences. Here are her favourites.

Free Yourself from Sinusitis 7

Free Yourself from Sinusitis

Dr Yurukova suffered from the problem for more than 10 years. Antibiotics and nasal sprays couldn’t help her constant headaches, runny nose and fatigue. When finally her sinus problems were cured …

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