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Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study 1

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study

A researcher's study on homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. 'Skeptics' then tried to tear it apart. This is her response.

Homeopathy skeptic … or pseudo-skeptic? 2

Homeopathy skeptic … or pseudo-skeptic?

In disclaimers attached to our news stories and articles we often state that “skeptics” or pseudo-skeptics may not accept the truth of the information we provide. This has led people […]

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy 3

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy

Summary: When a pharmacist recommended a popular potentised remedy for Jimmy Wale’s sore throat the Wikipedia founder went on a public forum, Quora, and vented his hatred of homeopathy and […]

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