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Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Petition 3

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital Petition

You may remember the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in the UK has been under fire recently, with anti-homeopathy groups lobbying to have it closed. The petition to shut down the Glasgow …

Picture Your Pet 4

Picture Your Pet

October is “Launch Month” for our new website and each week we are running a competition so you can help us celebrate. This week’s competition is all about your pet! …

Fatigue - Physical 7

Fatigue – Physical

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for symptoms of physical fatigue such as lethargy and weariness, weakness of muscles on exertion, and disinterest in physical activity. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place approximately …

Fatigue - Mental 8

Fatigue – Mental

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for symptoms of mental fatigue such as poor concentration, inability to think clearly, irritability, headache or eye-strain, and aversion to further mental work. Instructions Shake the …

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