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Why does a remedy stop working after giving good results for three months or more?

Shocked_Woman1The two main reasons why a good remedy stops working are:

1. A new or different potency is needed. The symptoms show that the same remedy is still needed but, for want of better words, the body has built up a tolerance to that particular potency. A new potency of the same remedy (higher or lower) will restart improvement.

2. A different remedy is needed. It may be that the first remedy was only a partial match for person’s symptoms and has done all it can, or that the remedy was the best possible match and has dealt with the top layer of symptoms but now a new layer of symptoms are presenting and need a different remedy.

These two reasons demonstrate a key difference between the conventional and homeopathic approach. Conventional medicines mainly work through suppression of symptoms. Only one or two different types of medicines will be needed, regardless of who has the problem, until emerging side-effects make them unusable.

In contrast, the homeopath tries to prescribe a remedy that matches and mimics the unique symptoms of the individual to assist their body in its attempt to heal itself. In doing so, the body’s healing response is stimulated and strengthened, not suppressed. If symptoms change, the remedy also has to be changed to provide ongoing support for this healing effort.

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