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Ask Kaviraj — Issue 13

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 13 1

Kaviraj is our resident expert on using homeopathy for plants, soils and pests. From Hippy to Homeopath: the Story of Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj.

Homeopathy has been used extensively in the treatment of people and animals for over 200 years but its use with plants (agrohomeopathy) is still in its infancy.Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj is one of its pioneers and a leading authority in this emerging area of agrohomeopathy.

If you would like help with your garden or farm problem, email Kaviraj your question at:

For best results, attach a photograph of the problem with your email and we will publish your question and Kaviraj’s answer in our next newsletter.


  • Pantry moths
  • Copper beech tree

Questions and Answers

Q1. I have a problem with pantry moths. Two years ago I only had a problem in the kitchen but they moved on to other rooms.  They’ve eaten my couch, started in on some carpets, ate a whole blanket, got into my coats… it’s going on 2 years now!  What can I do?  Thanks, Kara.

 A1.    Hi Kara, Normally, moths are gotten rid of with mothballs but people do not like the smell or are perhaps allergic. The content of the mothballs is Camphor and a dose of homeopathically prepared Camphora (Camph.) 6C or 6X will keep the moths away. Turn it into a spray (see directions below) and spray lightly around affected areas. Another remedy that is useful in this context is Thuja occidentalis (Thuj.) 6C or 6X which is not liked much by most insects. Ledum palustre (Led.) 6C or 6X may also do the trick although I have never tried that for moths in the house. Kaviraj


Q2. Hello, I have a copper Beech Tree in Canada with Phypophtora.   My tree is otherwise healthy, probably 125 years old and beautiful.   We have a local ban on some traditional chemicals so I haven’t been able to do anything.  What can you advise for treatment? I saw the video of Kaviraj applying a remedy in Dublin.  What was the outcome?  Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards, Bob.

A2. Hi Bob, the answer to this problem is Graphites (Graph) because of the cracks in the bark oozing a sticky liquid. In the video we were using the remedy Carbo vegetabilis. While it dried the weeping it didn’t cure it so we are now using Graphites.


Instructions for Agrohomeopathy Remedy Use and Storage

Just add one 6X or 6C potency pill to each 200 ml of water, shake vigorously, and then spray on the leaves of your plant or water into its roots. If using the remedy for pests, spray where the pests normally gather.

Store pills and liquid away from light, moisture, and high temperatures (normal household temperatures are fine). Close range mobile phone and microwave oven emissions have been shown to affect homeopathic remedies. Keep your pills and liquid away from these appliances.

1 x vial of 100 pills from the Homeopathy Plus Shop makes 20 litres of remedy.

Note about Kaviraj

Vaikunthanath Kaviraj passed away in March 2013 but left an enormous legacy of how to safely manage plant pests and diseases with homeopathy.
Onwards and upwards, Kaviraj – the world is a better place for you being in it. Its now time for others to pick up and continue the good work.

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