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Introduction to Remedy Relationships 1

Introduction to Remedy Relationships

(Note: a key to remedy abbreviations is available at the bottom of this post.) From the early days of homeopathy it was noticed that patterns or relationships often existed between …

Provings (Pathogenetic Trials) 3

Provings (Pathogenetic Trials)

Homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy volunteers rather than the unwell to reveal which symptoms each remedy has the potential to treat. Find out why.

Potentisation - What is It? 4

Potentisation – What is It?

The discovery of potentisation put an end to the dangerous side-effects of some homeopathic remedies and opened the door to safe treatments for all.

Homeopathy in 30 Days: True or False (1)

Lessons 1 – 7 During fever, someone who needs Arsenicum album may have a hot head and cold body. By using homeopathy, a person can stay healthy even though they …

The Cinchona Experiment 6

The Cinchona Experiment

Have you ever wondered how homeopathy came into being? The answer lies with German polymath, a text on malaria, and a poorly understood law of nature.

Day 1: Homeopathy in 30 Days

Welcome! A big hello to all our course participants. May your learning be fun. The information we share throughout this course is divided into three sections: 1. Five-minute overview. 2. …

How Often to Dose with a Homeopathic Remedy 9

How Often to Dose with a Homeopathic Remedy

The following instructions are suitable for acute (short-lived) problems rather than chronic complaints. One dose equals one pill or pellet, or ¼ dropper (5-7 drops) of liquid taken by mouth. …