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The Wrong Remedy!

Oh no! You just took a dose of your remedy and realised ... it's the wrong one! What should you do? First, no need to panic and, second, check this answer for what is likely to happen.

Q&A: Extending the Life of a Liquid Remedy

Q. "Help! I'm running low on my remedy. Is there some way to make it last until I can get a new bottle?" There is a simple way to do this and we tell you how.

What is Isopathy?

Peanuts for peanut allergy? Lead for lead poisoning? You may be thinking of the isopathic approach. Here's an overview of how it is used, its benefits and its limitations.

Q: Are Any Homeopathic Remedies Made from Pork?

A: Traditional homeopathic remedies don't contain porcine (pig) components but some newer potentised remedies may.

Homeopathic Doses for All Ages

Q. How much of a remedy should I give? Here are our recommendations for big and little people, and the reason why the size of the dose is a minor variable during treatment.

Q: What do Numbers and Letters After Remedy Names Mean?

The active ingredients of remedies can't be measured by weight, volume or amount so homeopathy turns to ancient Rome for a little help.

Airport X-Rays and Remedies

We are often asked, "Will airport x-ray machines and scanners affect our remedies?" Here's the answer and the accompanying research.

Q. Homeopathy for Fish?

Homeopathy works with all living things which means fish diseases also respond to the correct remedy. Rather than trying to drop a pill down a wriggling fish's mouth though, try this.

What is a Sarcode?

Sarcodes are a group of remedies drawn from the secretions, tissues or organs of healthy humans and animals. (In contrast, remedies prepared from diseased tissues or secretions are known as […]