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Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat? 1

Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopaths are often asked if homeopathy will treat asthma, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, or any one of a number of diseases. So, what’s the answer?

Pill or Liquid Remedies? 2

Pill or Liquid Remedies?

Is it best to use pills or liquids when taking a homeopathic remedy? Both give good results but one has an edge over the other. Which one and why?

Homeopathic Doses for All Ages 4

Homeopathic Doses for All Ages

Q. How much of a remedy should I give? Here are our recommendations for big and little people, and the reason why the size of dose is considered a minor variable during treatment.

Airport X-Rays and Remedies 6

Airport X-Rays and Remedies

We are often asked, “Will airport x-ray machines and scanners affect our remedies? Here’s the answer with the research.

Alcoholic remedies 7

Alcoholic remedies

Q: Do homeopathic remedies contain alcohol? The answer is yes and no. Find out why and what to do if you want alcohol-free remedies.

Q. Homeopathy for Fish? 8

Q. Homeopathy for Fish?

Homeopathy works with any living thing which means diseases of fish also respond to the indicated remedy. Rather than trying to drop a pill down a wriggling fish’s mouth though, try this.

Q. What is Tautopathy? 9

Q. What is Tautopathy?

Tautopathy, like homeopathy, has a role to play in the treatment and prevention of drug side-effects. Tautopathy is quick and simple while homeopathy treats susceptibility as well.