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Music to Ease the Blues 1

Music to Ease the Blues

Homeopathy is more than little bottles of pills and liquids, as many things apparently produce a homeopathic “like treats like” effect – even music. So, if you’re feeling a little …

Homeopathy for Children 3

Homeopathy for Children

Post-surgical pain, impetigo, vaccinosis, balanitis, and symptom suppression were successfully treated with homeopathy by these clever doctors. Here are their case reports.

You Too Can Test Homeopathy 6

You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who still doubt there’s anything to homeopathy, here’s a simple experiment to try at home. All you need are a few bean seeds and one remedy – you can even make it yourself.

Return of Old Symptoms 7

Return of Old Symptoms

Marie was grateful that her menopausal symptoms had improved with homeopathy but past problems such as shoulder pain and hay fever had returned. Why?

Homeopathy for Grief 9

Homeopathy for Grief

Sorrow is a natural response to loss and, as this article points out, is different to depression. The body also responds to sorrow differently, and homeopathy eases that response. 

Atopic Dermatitis in Infants 10

Atopic Dermatitis in Infants

Here’s a short list of key remedies for this annoying problem. They’re easily given to infants when prepared as sugar pills or mild-tasting drops.