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Alcoholism reduced by homeopathy

An Indian pilot study translated into English provides an interesting insight into what is possible when alcoholism is treated with homeopathy.

The Homeopathic Management of Dengue Fever

The Indian Government’s CCRH report on dengue fever / dengue haemorrhagic fever provides comprehensive information on its management and homeopathic treatment or prevention.

Homeopathy for the world’s fastest man

Gold medal winner Usain Bolt is a big fan of homeopathy – it’s been a part of his treatment plan for many years and he credits it for his rapid returns to running after serious injury.

Egyptian Study: Homeopathy for Childhood Asthma

A 2012 observational study assessed the homeopathic treatment of 30 children with asthma. Each child received an individualised homeopathic remedy according to his or her unique symptoms. Conventional treatment was continued …

Music to Ease the Blues

Homeopathy is more than little bottles of pills and liquids, as many things apparently produce a homeopathic “like treats like” effect – even music. So, if you’re feeling a little …