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Study: Alcoholism Reduced 1

Study: Alcoholism Reduced

An Indian pilot study, roughly translated into English, provides an interesting insight into what is possible for alcoholism treated by homeopathy.

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation 2

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation

A collection of case reports looks at 5 patients, some diabetic, who avoided amputation when their infected, gangrenous ulcers were treated with homeopathy.

Saccharum officinale for ASDs 3

Saccharum officinale for ASDs

It may come as a surprise, or not, but sugar cane has become a frequently indicated homeopathic remedy for children with spectrum disorders. Is it a panacea for all, though?

Music to Ease the Blues 4

Music to Ease the Blues

Did you know that music can produce a homeopathic effect? The like-treats-like approach of these sombre pieces may unexpectedly relieve your moody blues - try and see!

Homeopathy, Rabbit Plagues, and Nazi Germany 5

Homeopathy, Rabbit Plagues, and Nazi Germany

Are you overwhelmed by rabbits? Step into history and learn about homeopathy in Nazi Germany and during a rabbit plague.

Atopic Dermatitis in Infants 6

Atopic Dermatitis in Infants

Here's a short list of key remedies for the annoying problem of infant eczema. As all remedies are dispensed as sugar pills or mild-tasting drops, they are easily given to little ones.

You Too Can Test Homeopathy 7

You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who doubt, here's a simple homeopathic experiment to try at home. All you need is a few bean seeds and one remedy. You can even make the remedy yourself.

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective 8

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective

A doctor responds to a common claim about homeopathy by explaining how, in the face of all available evidence, there's just no way a placebo-only statement can be justified.

Homeopathy for the World's Fastest Man 9

Homeopathy for the World’s Fastest Man

Gold medal winner Usain Bolt is a big fan of homeopathy - it's been a part of his treatment plan for years and he credits it for his rapid returns to running after serious injuries.