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You Too Can Test Homeopathy 2

You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who doubt, here’s a simple homeopathic experiment to try at home. All you need is a few bean seeds and one remedy. You can even make the remedy yourself.

Homeopathy for the world's fastest man 3

Homeopathy for the world’s fastest man

Gold medal winner Usain Bolt is a big fan of homeopathy – it’s been a part of his treatment plan for years and he credits it for his rapid returns to running after serious injuries.

Saccharum officinale for ASDs 5

Saccharum officinale for ASDs

Perhaps surprisingly, or not, sugar cane has become an increasingly indicated homeopathic remedy for children with spectrum disorders but is it a panacea for all?

No Match for Homeopathy 6

No Match for Homeopathy

People with kidney stones usually become homeopathy enthusiasts when a remedy “magically” stops their colic, helps them pass the stone, or even dissolves it.

Homeopathy and Sports 7

Homeopathy and Sports

Athletes regularly turn to homeopathy – it treats injuries, has no harmful side-effects and is okay to use with performance-enhancing drug tests. Here’s a list of useful remedies. Read more | Comment

Battling the bulge with homeopathy 8

Battling the bulge with homeopathy

Read what happened to Caroline, one woman who decided to make some lifestyle changes and start homeopathic treatment with a remedy that matched her symptoms

Homeopathy for Allergies 9

Homeopathy for Allergies

The homeopathic approach is not based on the avoidance of allergens but on adjusting the body’s sensitivity to them. Here’s a list of key homeopathic remedies and related research.