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No Match for Homeopathy 1

No Match for Homeopathy

People with kidney stones usually become homeopathy enthusiasts when a remedy ‘magically’ stops their colic, helps them pass the stone, or even dissolves it.

Study: Arnica and UV Damage 2

Study: Arnica and UV Damage

Many know of Arnica’s benefits following a bruise or injury but who knew it could repair genetic damage from the sun’s ultra-violet radiation – at least in bacteria?

Homeopathy for Paronychia 3

Homeopathy for Paronychia

Infection in the skin around the fingernails can be painful and persistent. A doctor describes 6 key remedies for this problem – no matter whether its cause is bacterial or fungal.

Mastitis: Why homeopathy? 4

Mastitis: Why homeopathy?

The conventional and homeopathic treatment options for mastitis are compared. Useful remedies and related research is included. 

Case: A Psoriasis Remedy 5

Case: A Psoriasis Remedy

Plaque-type psoriasis caused intense redness and persistent itching for this 41-year-old man. Read the results of treatment once the correct homeopathic remedy was prescribed.

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation 6

Homeopathy Avoided Amputation

A collection of case reports looks at 5 patients, some diabetic, who avoided amputation when their infected gangrenous ulcers were treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective 7

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective

A doctor responds to a common claim about homeopathy by explaining how, in the face of all available evidence, there’s just no way a placebo-only statement can be justified.

Study: Alcoholism Reduced 8

Study: Alcoholism Reduced

An Indian pilot study, translated into English, provides an interesting insight into what is possible with alcoholism when homeopathy is used as a treatment

Music to Ease the Blues 9

Music to Ease the Blues

Did you know that music can produce a homeopathic effect? The like-treats-like approach of these sombre pieces may unexpectedly relieve your moody blues – try and see!