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Coccinella to Deter Aphids and Other Soft-bodied Insects

Ladybug 2

The homeopathic remedy, Coccinella septempunctata (or, just Coccinella for short), is prepared from the ladybug or ladybird beetle.

This tiny and colourful beetle is a natural predator of soft-bodied pests such as aphids, fruit flies, white flies and, less commonly, silverfish, and so is welcomed by most gardeners.

When prepared as a homeopathic remedy, it becomes a safe and inexpensive repellent for these same pests.

So, how did homeopaths stumble across this helpful fact?

Coccinella Remedy Discovered

Some years ago, and following his success with Helix tosta as a snail deterrent, agrohomeopathy pioneer Kaviraj turned his attention to aphids.

He speculated that because homeopathically-prepared snail deterred other snails, the homeopathic remedy of aphid would do the same with aphids, but no matter how he processed them for the remedy – heating, maceration, crushing or blending prior to potentisation – they had no effect.

At this point others would have stopped but Kaviraj, not yet discouraged, continued.

His thoughts went to the natural predator of aphids, Coccinella, the ladybug, and he wondered if a remedy prepared from this little beetle would have an effect.

He prepared the remedy and from the very first treatment, success!

Today, Coccinella semptempunctata (Cocc-s.) is used by savvy gardeners and farmers around the world as a safe and inexpensive deterrent for aphids and other soft-bodied insects.

General Information

Coccinella semptempunctata (Cocc-s.) 6C is a non-toxic homeopathic remedy that is safe for families, plants, pets, wildlife and the environment.

It’s chemical-free treatment creates what seems to be an energetic change in plants that leads to greater resilience and pest-resistance.

No withholding periods are required between spraying or watering with Coccinella, and the eating of any Coccinella-treated plant.

As the homeopathic potentisation process for making remedies  allows all subsequent remedies to be drawn from the one original beetle, no further Coccinella beetles have to be sacrificed to meet world demand.

Instructions for Use

Add one pill of Coccinella semptempunctata (Cocc-s.) 6C to each 200 ml of water, shake vigorously, and then spray or water onto plants.

For silverfish, add a little non-scented soap or detergent to act as a wetting agent and spray where silverfish like to hide.

One vial of 100 pills makes 20 litres of soft-bodied insect repellent. Plants remain insect-free for up to 3 months following one application. Repeat application on return of insects.

Coccinella semptempunctata (Cocc-s.) 6C is available from the Farm and Garden section of our online shop.


Store pills and liquid away from light, moisture, and high temperatures (normal household temperatures are fine).

Close range mobile phone and microwave oven emissions have been shown to affect homeopathic remedies. Keep your pills and liquid away from these appliances.