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Q. ‘Kissing Tonsils’ – What Can Homeopathy Do?

An image of someone's mouth wide open being inspected for inflamed tonsilsBaryta carbonica (Bar-c.) is a well known homeopathic remedy for chronically inflamed tonsils and catarrh – but only when other health problems and overall disposition match those of a Bar-c ‘state’.

Children or adults who need Bar-c. usually have a history of repeatedly inflamed, swollen tonsils. The tonsils are so big that they almost touch each other – to the point of blocking the throat – thus justifying their nickname of ‘kissing tonsils’.

Those needing Bar-c. may also suffer from:

  • shyness and lack of self-confidence
  • anxiety
  • childishness
  • delayed mental development
  • nail-biting
  • short height and slim build
  • stunted development of atrophy (shrinking) of body parts such as sexual organs

Bar-c., when appropriately prescribed, reducesĀ  anxiety, increase confidence, and improve physical or emotional maturity while taking care of infected tonsils and catarrh – in both children or adults.

But take care – don’t just automatically use it for any sort of tonsil problem. If none of the above symptoms are present, dosing with Bar-c. will do one of two things:

  1. Nothing at all because Bar-c had no relationship to the symptoms,
  2. Improve things for a short period only for things to worsen again as it was only a partial match to the symptoms.

In either of these instances, the symptoms of the case should be reassessed and a better matching remedy chosen.

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