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Q. Kissing Tonsils and Small Concerns – What Can Bar-c Do?

Baryta carbonica (Bar-c.) is one of the remedies that can cure tonsil infections and catarrh, but only if other health problems and your overall disposition matches that of a Bar-c ‘state’.

Chldren or adults who need Bar-c. usually have a history of chronically inflamed, swollen tonsils. The tonsils can be large enough to almost block the throat, earning them the nickname of ‘kissing tonsils’.

These people will also suffer from mental/emotional or physical immaturity with symptoms such as:

  • shyness and lack of self-confidence
  • anxiety
  • childishness
  • delayed mental development
  • nail-biting
  • short height and slim build
  • stunted development of atrophy (shrinking) of body parts such as sexual organs

So, if these symptoms describe you, fantastic news!

Bar-c. will help to reduce your anxiety, increase confidence, and improve your physical or emotional immaturity. It will also take care of your infected tonsils and catarrh at the same time.

In children with the above symptoms, it will help normalise growth and development.

BUT, if none of the above sounds like you, using Bar-c. for your infected tonsils will either:

  1. Do nothing at all, because the remedy has no relationship to your symptoms,
  2. Improve things for a short period because it partially matches your symptoms but won’t ever be able to cure them, or
  3. Produce a short term “aggravation”  (a worsening of your symptoms) through it being a close but still imperfect remedy for your needs.

The 6C potency mentioned by other websites is considered to be a low and gentle potency suitable for regular dosing for most people.

BUT, if your tonsils are chronically infected you are advised not to self-treat as changes in potencies, remedies, and frequency of doses may be needed for best results. A qualified homoeopath will be able to help you in this area.

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