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Autism – Connor’s Story

Autism - Connor's Story 2Connor’s Mum tells his story…

Thank you for giving me my son back.  I don’t know how to thank you enough.  It has been sad watching my beautiful boy, from being perfectly normal and chatty, turn into a child with speech and behaviour problems, a “child with autism”.

Now after only a few months with homœopathy, he is just a normal five-year-old who doesn’t walk in circles any more, does make perfect eye contact, even corrects me when I’m too busy to stop and look into his eyes.

From a child who was just sitting in a corner, now he has friends who don’t want to leave him alone, and he is quite a popular child in kinder.  From a child who wouldn’t even look at me or his sister or dad, now he is saying, “Mum I love you” and to his sister, “You are amazing” and for Dad now he is looking forward to him coming home after work.

His speech is still not 100%, we have a problem with just a few sounds like “f” and “r”, which is quite common. Well, I can go on and on with what he can do now!

THANK YOU, for everything.  We will definitely keep up the homœopathy.

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