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Recovering from Heartbreak 1

Recovering from Heartbreak

It would be wonderful if relationships always ended pleasantly but, people being people, that’s not always the case. Homeopathy helps with the emotional fallout.

Tim Ferriss looks at homeopathy 3

Tim Ferriss looks at homeopathy

Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week, has been experimenting with homeopathic Arnica – and was surprised to find he healed faster with the 30C potency pills than …

Study: Depression Help 7

Study: Depression Help

In this study, patients treated with homeopathy for moderate to severe depression progressed just as well as those treated with a standard antidepressant. Read more | Comment   More Information: Psychiatrist Urges the …

Cyst-free Thanks to Homeopathy! 9

Cyst-free Thanks to Homeopathy!

When a health problem improves how do we know that it was due to a homeopathic remedy? Because of the dose-response effect. Read about it in the case of a woman with a cyst.

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy 11

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy

The recent Breakthrough Growth Champions Report (compiled by credit ratings service, Experian, and commissioned by Santander) found that just a tiny fraction of the UK’s small business community accounted for …

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