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Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 2

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Could antibiotics be contributing to the obesity epidemic which has become such a problem in the increasingly medicated West? Very likely, according to recent research.

Cats in Crisis 4

Cats in Crisis

“She was in pitiable condition. Though antibiotics might help, I was not sure they would act quickly enough in this crisis situation”. Homeopathy was tried instead.

Lyme Encephalitis Healed with Homeopathy 7

Lyme Encephalitis Healed with Homeopathy

Matthew’s Lyme-induced encephalitis was not improving even with the intravenous antibiotics he was being given. Dr Saltzman, MD, tells the difference homeopathy made. Read more | Comment  

Happy Cows, Happy Farmer 11

Happy Cows, Happy Farmer

Bernie Mannes runs an organic farm on which he uses homeopathy in preference to antibiotics to treat his cow’s health problems. Find out why!

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