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Australian Federal Election

We strongly support parties protecting our health freedoms. Here are two to consider: Health Australia Party (protection of natural treatments & medicines) and IMOP (stop forced medicines & vaccines). 

History of Australian Homeopathy

The Centre for Australian Homeopathic History has done a wonderful job in curating the letters, documents, and images of the early days of down-under homeopathy. Read of free clinics for …

Homeopathy Worldwide

Interested to know which countries use homeopathy? There’s a lot of them and this guide reveals all … except for our home country, Australia. Maybe next time. 

Silencing the Opposition

This following post and link is not about homeopathy, but what happened to Meryl Dorey. If you have been following her story you may already be concerned that she has …

Store FAQ

Q: How quickly will my item be posted? A: Unless an order is exceptionally complicated or requires backordered stock to arrive, orders placed before 12pm will leave that same day …


Information on Clinic Fees and Making an Appointment Appointments with our homeopaths can be made by phoning the Clinic during business hours on +61 (2) 4304 0822. Consultation costs can …

$1.00 Gift Wrapping for a Festive Touch!

Until Monday, 24th December, 2018 we can gift-wrap your purchases prior to dispatch. Just click the gift-wrapping option at the checkout and we will carefully and lovingly wrap your purchase with …

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