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The Cinchona Experiment 2

The Cinchona Experiment

Have you ever wondered how homeopathy came into being? The answer lies with German polymath, a text on malaria, and a poorly understood law of nature.

Simplexes C

Name Abbrev Potency Pills/Liquid Quantity Cactus grandiflorus Cact. 6C30C200C1M PilluleLiquid Cadmium iodatum Cadm-i. 6C30C200C1M PilluleLiquid Cadmium metallicum Cadm-m. 6C30C200C1M PilluleLiquid Cadmium sulphuratum Cadm-s. 6C30C200C1M PilluleLiquid Caladium Cal. 6C30C200C1M PilluleLiquid Calcarea …

Essential Remedy Kit Information

This sturdy kit is small enough to carry in your handbag, glovebox or travel bag, but versatile enough to deal with common problems that happen in the home or when …

Simplex Remedies – Pills (C to F)

Price: $16.00AU a vial. Each vial contains approximately 100 pills (1 pill per dose). Flat rate shipping of $7.20AU to anywhere in the world – no matter how many items or how …

Recovery Complex Instructions 6

Recovery Complex Instructions

Contains remedies commonly used to reduce the symptoms of weakness, tiredness, or apathy following illness or surgery. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place approximately 5 drops in the mouth. Dose once …

Convalescence Complex

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for the symptoms of depleted energy and physical debility following surgery, illness, or an ordeal. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place 5 drops into the mouth. Dose …

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