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Remedies for Poker Back 3

Remedies for Poker Back

Do you know someone who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis – stiffening of the spinal joints? A doctor lists key homeopathic remedies and corresponding symptoms.

Visiting the Ghana Homeopathy Project 5

Visiting the Ghana Homeopathy Project

Jaqueline Smith recently spent time at the Ghana Homeopathy Project as a volunteer homeopath. She tells of one Ghanaian’s perspective on homeopathy: “A truly committed and experienced convert to homeopathy, …

Helping People with Homeopathy 6

Helping People with Homeopathy

Have you visited the British Homeopathic Association website recently? Its doctors have put together a wealth of information on homeopathy and the sort of conditions it treats.

Alzheimer's Symptoms Helped by Homeopathy 7

Alzheimer’s Symptoms Helped by Homeopathy

Natural News reports on a presentation from a Neuroscience Conference in which a homeopathic combination remedy (complex) relieved the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease during several studies. (See the link at …

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