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Brain Injury - Homeopathic Help 1

Brain Injury – Homeopathic Help

Homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury in this study even when their injury was of many years duration. Read what happened.

Study: Homeopathy for Allergies 2

Study: Homeopathy for Allergies

Treatment of asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, food allergies and other allergies by these homeopathic remedies reduced symptoms and treatment costs.

The homeopathic cure of Wikipedia 4

The homeopathic cure of Wikipedia

“Wikipedia has been caught for a third time frantically producing false information about homeopathy on a shifting footnote intended to support a hypothesis that homeopathic medicine is a “placebo.”…The problem …

Why is homeopathy controversial? 5

Why is homeopathy controversial?

Why is homeopathy controversial? According to Larisa Klein it’s because no molecules of the original substance are usually found in the homeopathic remedy. In response to this controversy Larisa covers …

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for IBS Research 6

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for IBS Research

(From the Homeopathic Research Institute) A vital Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) trial needs your help! Researchers at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, partially funded by Homeopathic Research Institute, have completed …

An Osteopath, a Radiographer … and Two Cats

“Homeopathy attracts people from a wide range of clinical disciplines. Doctors, nurses, vets, podiatrists and dentists have all found that homeopathy can enhance their healing skills and bring relief to …

Where Do I Find the Evidence for Homeopathy? 10

Where Do I Find the Evidence for Homeopathy?

Looking for research on homeopathy? The National Centre for Homeopathy (NCH) has grouped it for you as peer-reviewed journals, clinical studies, meta-analyses, basic research, econometrics, introductory and advanced books plus useful …

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