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Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy 1

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy

Summary: When a pharmacist recommended a popular potentised remedy for Jimmy Wale’s sore throat the Wikipedia founder went on a public forum, Quora, and vented his hatred of homeopathy and …

Students Become Teachers 3

Students Become Teachers

More news from Haiti and Homeopaths Without Borders. Karen Allen reports how treatment in Haiti following the earthquake progressed to the training of local people so they could become community …

Homeopathy Enjoys the Edge 5

Homeopathy Enjoys the Edge

Dr Shah writes an insightful article at the International News. When comparing homeopathy to conventional medicines, he says: “The more a homeopathic medicine is used the more useful it becomes. …

BMJ: Good Medicine - Homeopathy 7

BMJ: Good Medicine – Homeopathy

The British Medical Journal has published a letter which examines the motives of those who dismiss homeopathy in spite of current research.

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy 8

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy

The recent Breakthrough Growth Champions Report (compiled by credit ratings service, Experian, and commissioned by Santander) found that just a tiny fraction of the UK’s small business community accounted for …

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