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Q. 'Kissing Tonsils' - What Can Homeopathy Do? 1

Q. ‘Kissing Tonsils’ – What Can Homeopathy Do?

Does homeopathy make a difference to large, inflamed tonsils, shyness, stunted development, and nail-biting? It sure can! Take a look at what else it can do.

The homeopathic cure of Wikipedia 2

The homeopathic cure of Wikipedia

“Wikipedia has been caught for a third time frantically producing false information about homeopathy on a shifting footnote intended to support a hypothesis that homeopathic medicine is a “placebo.”…The problem […]

Revealed: How to Cure a Hangover 3

Revealed: How to Cure a Hangover

A recent article discussed common ways to cure a hangover… but they obviously don’t know about homeopathy! They list potential cures as water, ginger ale, honey, toast, fruit, vitamins, analgesia, […]

Research on Hering's 'Direction of Cure' 5

Research on Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’

Researchers investigate homeopathy and Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’. Direction of Cure is a simple tool homeopaths use to tell if a person’s health is getting better … or worse. It’s […]