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Which potency should I choose?

Are you suffering from a simple complaint that can be easily treated at home? Take a look at the following guidelines as to which potency you should use and when.

How Often Should I Take My Remedy?

The following instructions are suitable for acute (short-lived) problems only. (Chronic or recurring problems usually require less frequent doses and a different approach to dosing. For best results, recurring or …

Tutorial 11 – Return of Old Symptoms

In previous tutorials we have discussed the Law of Similars, Vital Force, Direction of Cure, palliation, and suppression. In this tutorial, we will see all these concepts at work in …

Remedies for the Traveller Woes

Problems such as altitude sickness, food poisoning, frostbite, and more, challenge everyday travellers. Experienced ones often refer to homeopathy as the “traveller’s friend”.

Stre-e-e-tch out the Life of Your Pills

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that heals through the transfer of energetic information rather than chemicals. The sugar pills or liquids used are just the carriers for this information. …