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Anaesthesia and Homeopathy 1

Anaesthesia and Homeopathy

Science can’t, yet, tell us exactly how homeopathy works – and skeptics point to this – but it also can’t tell us exactly how anaesthesia works, and yet, it does.

Homeopathy and Nanoparticles 2

Homeopathy and Nanoparticles

Does the homeopathic effect depend on nanoparticles? Recent research shows that remedies carry plenty of them, even up to a 200C potency, and that homeopathy is not “just water”. But …

Chopped Slug or Snail Toast? 4

Chopped Slug or Snail Toast?

  There is nothing better when using homeopathy for plants says an avid homeopathic gardener. The Irish Times interviews Dublin homeopath, Martin Byrne, about agrohomeopathy – homeopathy for plants – …

Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say 7

Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say

Here’s a fascinating newsletter from Farm Homeopathy. It’s opening paragraph says: “Because there is nothing in it and there is no possible explanation for its action it is widely understood …

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