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Psorinum (Psor.) 1

Psorinum (Psor.)

Those who need Psorinum usually lack vitality, and are prone to mental disturbances. They catch infections easily, especially colds, recover slowly and skin complaints are common.

Ledum palustre (Led-p) 2

Ledum palustre (Led-p)

Insect bites, puncture wounds, or swellings and bruises that improve with cold compresses? Chronic complaints such as rheumatism and gout? Ledum may be your best remedy.

Know Your Remedies: Clematis Erecta (Clem.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Clematis Erecta (Clem.)

A remedy for toothache, hard swollen glands, gonorrhoea, cystitis and urethritis symptoms. Those needing this remedy dislike being alone but avoid talking with people.

Know Your Remedies: Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels.) 4

Know Your Remedies: Gelsemium Sempervirens (Gels.)

Those who need this remedy lack confidence. Anticipation anxiety is common. Challenging situations are avoided. Muscles weaken or tremble with anxiety or illness.

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.) 5

Remedy: Laurocerasus (Laur.)

Prepared from the leaves of the cherry laurel tree, this remedy has been used for types of cardiac and respiratory disorders with coexisting coldness, weakness, and collapse.

Know Your Remedies - Apis Mellifica 6

Know Your Remedies – Apis Mellifica

The homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica is prepared from the Western or European honey bee. It was introduced into homeopathy in 1847 by a New York physician Dr. Marcy following the […]

Chamomilla matricaria (Cham.) 7

Chamomilla matricaria (Cham.)

Chamomilla matricaria (Cham.) is a plant with small daisy-like flowers native to Europe and temperate Asia. It is now grown in most parts of the world. Chamomilla is used by […]

Digitalis purpurea (Dig.) 8

Digitalis purpurea (Dig.)

Digitalis purpurea, known commonly as foxglove, is a flowering plant native to most parts of Europe. It is the original source of the heart medicine digoxin, (also called digitalis or […]