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Study: Breast Cancer Research 1

Study: Breast Cancer Research

In which study did homeopathy impress researchers by its action, similar to that of chemotherapy, on breast cancer cells but with no adverse effects?

Study: Psoriasis Treated by homeopathy 2

Study: Psoriasis Treated by homeopathy

Researchers found that psoriasis, quality of life and other pre-existing health problems improved when homeopathy was used for treatment.

Homeopathy & Autism – Alison’s Story 3

Homeopathy & Autism – Alison’s Story

"I have a 6-year-old daughter Alison, with Aspergers, who has been treated with constitutional homeopathy for just over a year." This is what happened.

Video: Solving Health Problems with Homeopathy 4

Video: Solving Health Problems with Homeopathy

A retired doctor tells how with a little knowledge, patience and practice, amazing results are achieved with homeopathy.

Somi – An Aggressive Child 5

Somi – An Aggressive Child

Somi was an angry 7-year-old facing expulsion from school. His mother was at her wits end but decided to try homeopathy. Here's what happened next.

Homeopathy and Autism - Melissa's Story 6

Homeopathy and Autism – Melissa’s Story

"... she wasn’t even acknowledging my husband’s presence when he came home from work at the end of the day."

Brain Injury - Homeopathic Help 7

Brain Injury – Homeopathic Help

Homeopathy led to significant improvements for people with traumatic brain injury, even those whose injury was of many years’ duration. Here's what happened.

We Love Homeopathy Because… 8

We Love Homeopathy Because…

A few years back - and maybe we should do it again - we invited people to tell us in 250 words or less why they loved homeopathy. Here are their responses.

Peanut Allergy Cured by Peanuts? 9

Peanut Allergy Cured by Peanuts?

Doctors are using trace amounts of peanuts to cure anaphylactic peanut allergies in children. Sounds a little like homeopathy.