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Study: Arnica and UV Damage 1

Study: Arnica and UV Damage

Many know of Arnica’s benefits following a bruise or injury but who knew it could repair genetic damage from the sun’s ultra-violet radiation – at least in bacteria?

Somi – An Aggressive Child 2

Somi – An Aggressive Child

Somi was an angry 7-year-old facing expulsion from school. His mother was at her wits end and decided to try homeopathy. Here’s what happened next.

Study: Psoriasis Treated by homeopathy 3

Study: Psoriasis Treated by homeopathy

Researchers found that with homeopathy, other pre-existing health problems improved with psoriasis during treatment. Participants also reported their quality of life was better.

Dengue Fever & Homeopathy 4

Dengue Fever & Homeopathy

Brazilians regularly use homeopathy with good results to treat and prevent dengue fever. These two studies confirmed its safe and effective contribution against this disease.

Pill or Liquid Remedies? 5

Pill or Liquid Remedies?

Is it best to use pills or liquids when taking a homeopathic remedy? Both give good results but one has an edge over the other. Which one?

Brain Injury - Homeopathic Help 8

Brain Injury – Homeopathic Help

In this 2009 study, homeopathy stimulated significant improvement in people with traumatic brain injury – even when that injury was of many years duration. Read what happened.

Study: Breast Cancer Research 9

Study: Breast Cancer Research

Which homeopathic study impressed researchers with its similar action to chemotherapy on breast cancer cells – and with no adverse effects?

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