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Homeopathics for Broken Bones 2

Homeopathics for Broken Bones

“Broken bones. Many of us have had them. And the causes are frequently as simple as slipping while walking to get the mail on a winter morning or carrying laundry down some stairs.”

Homeopathy for horse injuries 3

Homeopathy for horse injuries

Topical products for horses often contain irritating antiseptics while anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics produce their set of problems. Homeopathic approaches do exist.

A Remedy for Tendon Injury 5

A Remedy for Tendon Injury

Hypericum for injuries to nerve tissue, Arnica to muscle tissue, but which remedy comes to mind for overstrain and exertion, bruising, bone pain, and injuries that are slow to heal?

Homeopathic Pharmacist 6

Homeopathic Pharmacist

Advice and information, colds and flu, mother & child health, anxiety & stress and injuries, aches & pains.These are the main reasons why people visit a homeopathic pharmacist.

Homeopathy and Sports 7

Homeopathy and Sports

Athletes regularly turn to homeopathy – it treats injuries, has no harmful side-effects and does not affect performance-enhancing drug tests. Here’s a list of useful remedies.

Homeopathy for sports injuries 8

Homeopathy for sports injuries

A doctor lists remedies for muscle cramps, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, painful heels, and recurrent injuries in this article. Drug testing and the limitations of homeopathy are also discussed.

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