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A Remedy for Tendon Injury

Hypericum for injuries to nerve tissue, Arnica to muscle tissue, but which remedy comes to mind for overstrain and exertion, bruising, bone pain, and injuries that are slow to heal?

Homeopathic Pharmacist

Advice and information, colds and flu, mother & child health, anxiety & stress and injuries, aches & pains.These are the main reasons why people visit a homeopathic pharmacist.

Homeopathy and Sports

Athletes regularly turn to homeopathy – it treats injuries, has no harmful side-effects and does not affect performance-enhancing drug tests. Here’s a list of useful remedies.

Homeopathy for horse injuries

Vet Madeline Ward discusses homeopathic remedies for bleeding and swelling, sprains and strains, puncture wounds and nerve injuries, tendon injuries and broken bones. The five she mentions are basic remedies …

Homeopathy for Sports Injuries

Mary of Homeopathy world provides a concise guide on using homeopathy for sporting injuries. She says, “Using Homeopathy for a first-aid situation is usually very easy, because nearly all of …