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Remedies for Sleep Disorders 1

Remedies for Sleep Disorders

Learn more about sleep requirements and patterns, and the do’s and dont’s, of getting a good night’s sleep. A list of useful remedies is provided.

Menopause: Why Homeopathy? 2

Menopause: Why Homeopathy?

It’s a natural life-transition for all women but some experience hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, depression, and more. Here are 12 of the best remedies.

Brian's Tumour & Homeopathy 3

Brian’s Tumour & Homeopathy

This 60 years old gentleman presented with headache, cervical pain and insomnia. Brain scans showed a tumour. Here’s the story of his homeopathic road to recovery.

Homeopathy for Allergies 4

Homeopathy for Allergies

Allergy medications may cause confusion constipation, blurred vision, insomnia, and hallucinations. Homeopathy offers a non-toxic approach for sensitive immune systems.

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle 5

Homeopathy for Swollen Ankle

A woman with sacral pain, insomnia, and a chronically swollen ankle responds to homeopathy. The conventional and homeopathic use of the treatment remedies is compared.

Know Your Remedies: Passiflora Incarnata (Passi.) 6

Know Your Remedies: Passiflora Incarnata (Passi.)

Common Names: Maypop; purple passionflower; wild passion vine. General Information Within homeopathy, Passiflora Incarnate (Passi.) is used in mother tincture and potencies to relieve types of insomnia, and for its …

Insomnia treated by homeopathy 8

Insomnia treated by homeopathy

Are you ever awake at night, tossing and turning, frustrated that you’re unable to sleep? A homeopathic remedy from this list might return the zzzzzzzzz’s to your night.

Study: Homeopathy Outstrips Placebo for Sleep 9

Study: Homeopathy Outstrips Placebo for Sleep

Skeptics like to dismiss homeopathy as being nothing more than placebo, but this study, in which 30 people with insomnia were given either homeopathy or placebo, confirmed what we see …

Multiple health problems improve with homeopathy 10

Multiple health problems improve with homeopathy

Barry had sinusitis, headaches, hay fever, high blood pressure, rising PSA levels, insomnia and anxiety. The all improved with homeopathy. Read what he says in the following story… More Information: Multiple …

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