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Actium the Bird and His Lipoma

Actium the budgerigar had a lipoma – a fatty tumour growing on his chest. The vet said surgery would be risky and likely result in death. Homeopathy was used instead. What a result!

Rabbit homeopathy

How can you care for a rabbit? With a natural approach that includes things such as a good diet, acupuncture and a little homeopathy, says Vet Stuart Marsden. In this …

Reversing autism with homeopathy

(From one of the practitioners at our clinic.) April is Autism Awareness month. As many parents will tell you, it is not something we really want to celebrate. What has …

Homeopathy in a Nutshell

Learn the basics of homeopathy. Discover the “like treats like” law, the difference between similars or contraries, the process of potentisation, and more.

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