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Baby Got the Sniffles? 2

Baby Got the Sniffles?

“Many over the counter medicines are contraindicated for babies under 6 months old…” A few simple homeopathic remedies solves this problem.

Actium the Bird and His Lipoma 4

Actium the Bird and His Lipoma

Actium the budgerigar had a lipoma – a fatty tumour growing on his chest. The vet said surgery would be risky and likely result in death. Homeopathy was used instead. What a result!

Rabbit homeopathy 7

Rabbit homeopathy

How can you care for a rabbit? With a natural approach that includes things such as a good diet, acupuncture and a little homeopathy, says Vet Stuart Marsden. In this …

Homeopathy in a Nutshell 10

Homeopathy in a Nutshell

Learn the basics of homeopathy. Discover the “like treats like” law, the difference between similars or contraries, the process of potentisation, and more.

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