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Eating Disorders: Homeopathy for Pica

Do you crave and eat strange things – dirt, hair, chalk, ice, wood? Many do, and not just when pregnant. Homeopathy has several useful remedies for pica. 

Homeopathy for pregnancy and beyond

Drs Hilal and Manzoor discuss homeopathic remedies traditionally used during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. For example, the following remedies are potentially useful for after the birth: ▪ Aconite: for shock …

Psychiatrist Calls for Homeopathy

Clinically, homeopathy has always helped mental-emotional imbalances so it’s heartening to hear of a psychiatrist calling for its use as part of psychiatry and mental health

Treating Trauma, Naturally

Those living under the constant mental stress and strain of rocket attacks. Jerusalem homeopath Natalie has been asked which remedies and treatments she would recommend.