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Chikungunya Fever Remedies

“The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Chikungunya but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility…several homeopathic medicines for chikungunya fever are available.”

Remedies for Skin Problems

” … skin diseases are not skin deep; they are much deeper than the skin. They give us signal about the internal disease.” Homeopathy corrects this ‘disease’ and so, the skin.

Case Report: Reflux in a Child

Severe reflux with a background of chronic duodenitis was successfully treated with homeopathy. Belching with mouthfuls of food was a clue to the remedy.

Remedies for Juvenile Arthritis

No-one wants to see children affected by Juvenile arthritis – inflammation, stiffness, redness, swelling, pain and deformity – but here’s 11 useful remedies for its symptoms.

Homeopathy Hospital Cases

What’s it like working at a busy homeopathic hospital? This doctor tells of complex organ failure treatment and cases in which by-pass surgery was avoided.