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Study: High Blood Pressure 2

Study: High Blood Pressure

This study compared the short-term effects on blood pressure of a homeopathic remedy (Veratrum viride) and a common allopathic antihypertensive drug (Atenolol)

Homeopathy and Diabetes 4

Homeopathy and Diabetes

The success of homeopathy in diabetes is measured against blood sugar control and the management of existing complications. A doctor discusses its use in relation to seven factors.

Homeopathy for Low Energy 5

Homeopathy for Low Energy

“If I don’t do it now it’s because I don’t want to, not because I can’t.” So says a woman whose lack of energy and limited medical options were corrected by homeopathy.

Epilepsy in a Woman of 25 7

Epilepsy in a Woman of 25

“Her family was afraid the social stigma would potentially hinder marriage. Her family warns her not to disclose her sickness or any trace of her odd behavior to anyone.” 

Homeopathic Perspective - AIDS 8

Homeopathic Perspective – AIDS

“Although no therapy can or will help every HIV+ person … homeopathy is beginning to develop a reputation for helping people at varying stages of this disease.”

Strokes and Homeopathy 9

Strokes and Homeopathy

Compare the homeopathic and conventional approaches to the treatment and management strokes. A list of relevant remedies is provided.

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