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20 Must-Have Remedies 1

20 Must-Have Remedies

What would you include in a home-use treatment kit? Here’s a list of homeopathic remedies that cover first-aid situations, infections, and constitutional imbalances. 

Agrohomeopathy Repertory 2

Agrohomeopathy Repertory

Agrohomeopathy – the use of homeopathy for plant diseases – is still in its infancy but here is one repertory that helps when choosing remedies for plant problems.

Homeopathy for Vaginal Thrush 3

Homeopathy for Vaginal Thrush

Thrush is uncomfortable and annoying. This article compares the homeopathic and conventional approach to this problem and provides a list of research and suitable remedies.

Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 4

Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More

Subscribers asked and Kaviraj responded with advice on storing and using homeopathy to control fleas, pear and cherry slugs, and leaf curl.

Reversing Autism - Connor's Story 5

Reversing Autism – Connor’s Story

“It has been sad watching my beautiful boy, from being perfectly normal and chatty, turn into a child with speech and behaviour problems”. Connor’s Mum then tried homeopathy.

Ask Kaviraj - Issue 4 6

Ask Kaviraj – Issue 4

Looking for help with garden problems such as bindis, onion weed, cherry slugs, ants, and gall wasps? Agrohomeopathy pioneer, Kaviraj, offered advice on these and more.

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 12 7

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 12

You asked and our agrohomeopathy expert, Kaviraj, answered. Here are his suggestions for repelling mice, sick goldfish, spiders, bedbugs, and jade perch fingerlings

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 11 8

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 11

We were asked if homeopathy could help clear parasites in biodynamic and organically-raised jade perch. Here’s agricultural homeopath Kaviraj’s answer.

"Inappropriate" Children 9

“Inappropriate” Children

“When children who have never been exposed to sexual matters start to behave inappropriately, parents are obviously concerned and confused.” One particular remedy may help.

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