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Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More 1

Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More

Kaviraj focussed on homeopathy for plants but he was also asked about eucalyptus toxins, termites, rats, flea-infested cats, white fly, and more. Here are his answers.

Help for Lactose Intolerance 3

Help for Lactose Intolerance

Do you suffer with bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea from milk intolerance? Here are 5 key homeopathic remedies that may help.

Agrohomeopathy Repertory 4

Agrohomeopathy Repertory

Agrohomeopathy – the use of homeopathy for plant diseases – is still in its infancy but here is one repertory that acts as a guide when choosing remedies for plant problems.

Tutorial 9 - Palliation, Supression or Cure? 8

Tutorial 9 – Palliation, Supression or Cure?

When unwell, our body always tries to heal itself but we often try to help it along with treatments that either palliate, suppress or cure. Each approach has ramifications for our future health.

Three ways we can help.