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20 Must-Have Remedies 1

20 Must-Have Remedies

What would you include in a home-use kit? Here's a list of common homeopathic remedies for first-aid situations, infections, and constitutional imbalances.

Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More 2

Kaviraj on Fleas, Termites & More

Kaviraj focussed on remedies for plants but he was also asked about eucalyptus toxins, termites, rats, flea-infested cats, white fly, and more. Here's what he said.

Agrohomeopathy Q&A 3

Agrohomeopathy Q&A

You asked and Kaviraj responded with homeopathic suggestions for potato blight, fruit flies, white ants, snails, leaf miners, cockroaches, couch grass, fleas, and more.

Autism - Connor's Story 4

Autism – Connor’s Story

“It has been sad watching my beautiful boy, from being perfectly normal and chatty, turn into a child with speech and behaviour problems”. Connor's Mum then tried homeopathy.

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 12 5

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 12

You asked and agrohomeopathy pioneer Kaviraj, answered. These were his suggestions for managing mice, sick goldfish, spiders, bedbugs, and jade perch fingerlings.

Mastitis: Why homeopathy? 6

Mastitis: Why homeopathy?

The conventional and homeopathic treatment options for mastitis are compared. Useful remedies and related research is included.

Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat? 7

Q. What Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopaths are often asked if homeopathy will treat asthma, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, or any one of a number of diseases. Here's the answer.

Remedies for Cockroaches, Silverfish, Rats and More 8

Remedies for Cockroaches, Silverfish, Rats and More

Agrohomeopathy pioneer Kaviraj received more questions about pests than plants. Here are his suggestions for keeping some of them at bay.

Help for Lactose Intolerance 9

Help for Lactose Intolerance

Do you suffer from bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea from milk intolerance? Here are 5 key homeopathic remedies that may help.