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George Bernard & Homeopathy 1

George Bernard & Homeopathy

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1925. He was also a strong advocate of homeopathy.

Visiting the Ghana Homeopathy Project 2

Visiting the Ghana Homeopathy Project

Jaqueline Smith recently spent time at the Ghana Homeopathy Project as a volunteer homeopath. She tells of one Ghanaian’s perspective on homeopathy: “A truly committed and experienced convert to homeopathy, […]

Nobel Laureates Thoughts 3

Nobel Laureates Thoughts

Nobel laureates, doctors, scientists, professors and science writers have had plenty to say about homeopathy - and Dr Nancy Malik has captured their comments.

Homeopathy Enjoys the Edge 4

Homeopathy Enjoys the Edge

Dr Shah writes an insightful article at the International News. When comparing homeopathy to conventional medicines, he says: “The more a homeopathic medicine is used the more useful it becomes. […]

Homeopathy - Popular In India 6

Homeopathy – Popular In India

Some interesting stats on homeopathy in India from 2011: Its popularity is second only to France The homeopathic market is growing by 30% each year Over 100 million people are […]

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy 8

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy

It is always interesting when well-known people or celebrities tell how they use homeopathy. Such is the case with professional tennis player and busy mum, Annabel Croft.

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy 9

Report Shows Homeopathy Vital to UK Economy

The recent Breakthrough Growth Champions Report (compiled by credit ratings service, Experian, and commissioned by Santander) found that just a tiny fraction of the UK’s small business community accounted for […]

Back Door Attack on Homeopathy 10

Back Door Attack on Homeopathy

Speak out now, or lose your freedom!” are the opening words of an excellent article from Gaia Health. Heidi explains why UK consumers must act against a back door move […]

Slogans, Distortions and Downright Lies 12

Slogans, Distortions and Downright Lies

“There is no argument against homeopathy which stands up to scientific scrutiny. They are simply slogans, distortions and downright lies.” So says H:MC21, a UK organisation established to provide homeopathic […]