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Q. Homeopathy for Fish? 1

Q. Homeopathy for Fish?

Homeopathy works with any living thing which means fish diseases also respond to the correct remedy. Rather than trying to drop a pill down a wriggling fish's mouth though, do this.

Instructions for Turning Pills into Liquid Remedies 2

Instructions for Turning Pills into Liquid Remedies

Learn how to stretch your budget while increasing the effectiveness of your remedies. This article is especially useful if combined with the weekly special on vials of pills.

Dishwashing liquid? - You're soaking in it! Erica's story 3

Dishwashing liquid? – You’re soaking in it! Erica’s story

A quick-thinking Mum saved the day with a little homeopathy when running water did little to reduce the pain and swelling from detergent in a one-year-old's eyes.

Ask Kaviraj -Issue 8 - Homeopathy for Sheep, and More 4

Ask Kaviraj -Issue 8 – Homeopathy for Sheep, and More

“My sheep have had fly strike as well as lice. Is there any homeopathic remedy for these conditions? If so, how do I administer it to them?” Read the answer for this and other questions.

You Too Can Test Homeopathy 5

You Too Can Test Homeopathy

For those who doubt, here's a simple homeopathic experiment to try at home. All you need is a few bean seeds and one remedy. You can even make the remedy yourself.

Questions: Helix tosta for Snails 6

Questions: Helix tosta for Snails

Is it best to spray Helix tosta on the leaves or water the remedy into the ground? Does it work with all snails? We answer these and other questions.

Ask Kaviraj -- Issue 7 7

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 7

Are you wondering what to try for fruit flies, mosquitoes, carpet beetles and grasshoppers? Kaviraj made suggestions for these and other problems.

Tadpole Research and Remedies 8

Tadpole Research and Remedies

In repeated research potentised remedies affected tadpole growth. That research also showed that remedies were affected by mobile (cell) phone and microwave oven emissions.

Agrohomeopathy Q&A 9

Agrohomeopathy Q&A

Are you struggling with problems caused by beetles, cyclids, silverfish, ants, earwigs, spiders or caterpillars? See what the agrohomeopathic expert had to say.

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