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Shilpa’s Rhus-toxicodendron Flu

Case Report: A Rhus toxicodendron Flu

Shilpa’s flu had started after being caught in the rain on a cold day.

Her symptoms were in marked contrast to those of Russell (See: A Bryonia Flu).

While Russell’s aches and pains were worse when he tried to move, gentle movement relieved Shilpa’s discomfort. In fact, she was quite restless.

Russell had felt irritable but Shilpa felt unusually anxious. She was also thirsty for sips of warm drinks, rarely cold ones. Any sort of coldness seemed to trigger a chill. Blisters on her lips had also developed with the fever.

Shilpa was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Rhus toxicodendron, a remedy that suited her individualising symptoms.

One day later and after six doses of the Rhus toxicodendron, Shilpa was completely free of most of her flu symptoms. All that was left was for the blisters on her lips to heal over the next few days.

Symptoms that Respond to Rhus toxicodendron

A Rhus toxicodendron type of flu has the following symptoms:

  • Aching restlessness.
  • Stiffness that improves with movement and stretching.
  • Fever that starts after being chilled.
  • Shaking from drafts or uncovering.
  • Throat pain and general discomfort better for sipping warm drinks.
  • Anxiety and anguish.
  • Herpes or fever blisters on lips.

Homeopathy for Flu-related Symptoms

Those unfamiliar with homeopathy are often surprised at how quickly the correct homeopathic remedy relieves flu symptoms.

In France, where homeopathy is well-known and prescribed by over 40% of French doctors, the leading flu medicine is a homeopathic remedy, Anas barbariae. Studies have shown it relieves the intensity and shortens the duration of flu symptoms – and without side-effects.

While Anas barbariae has a broad action over a large variety of flu symptoms, it is not so effective in the elderly and has to be prescribed within the first 48 hours of symptom onset.

For this reason, most homeopaths still prefer to treat the flu from a larger range of homeopathics as a homeopathic remedy that closely matches the symptoms of the individual sufferer often produces a better result regardless of age or flu duration.

This approach was certainly seen with Max’s ‘Gelsemium flu’. It’s also demonstrated in three other types of flu cases in the links below.

Other Types of Flu

Many different sets of flu-related symptoms respond to homeopathy. The beneficial remedy has to match the symptom set. The following cases are just three among many potential remedy options.

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