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Tutorial 10 – Direction of Cure

Palliation or suppression gradually weakens vitality and leads to deteriorating health. Learn about the 'direction of cure' and how to tell when deep healing is truly taking place.

Tutorial 9 – Palliation, Suppression or Cure?

When unwell, our body tries to constantly heal itself. Treatments can be used to palliate or suppress its efforts, or stimulate a faster, stronger healing response.

Know Your Remedies: Argentum Nitricum (Arg-n.)

Argentum nitricum is one remedy to consider when emotional and digestive upsets dominate a case. The person will be prone to flatulence with loud belches and noisy diarrhoea.

Know Your Remedies: Thuja Occidentalis (Thuj.)

Those who need Thuja struggle with self-confidence. They feel worthless and unattractive and believe that no-one would love them if they knew what they were really like.

Know Your Remedies: China Officinalis (Chin.)

A useful remedy for exhaustion, weakness, anaemia, headache, and digestive upsets that arise from loss of body fluids. Those who need China are also sensitive to the cold.

Pulsatilla Pratensis (Puls.)

This remedy suits sensitive and gentle people who feel worse in warm, stuffy rooms, and better in open air. Familiar? It's also great for types of colds, coughs, hay fever, and more.

Know Your Remedies: Nux Vomica (Nux.)

Do you work hard, play hard and overindulge with food or drink? Are you competitive, driven, impatient and irritable? Nux-v eases these and other limiting traits.

I Sniff At Homeopathy – Olfaction Dosing

Did you know that remedies can be taken by a quick sniff through the nostrils rather than just by mouth? It’s true, and it’s called olfaction dosing. Here's when, why and how it's used.

Know Your Remedies: Stramonium (Stram.)

Stramonium is a remedy for symptoms arising from terror, suppressed anger, or neurological injury. Stammering, spasms, fear of the dark, and light sensitivity are key symptoms.