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Case 1: COVID-19 in a 62-Year-Old Male

This elderly gentleman is just one of the many covid patients who reached out for a homeopathic prescription.


More information on other cases and how the case-takings were conducted.

The initial source of infection was unknown though two other relatives were diagnosed at the same time as this patient.


26th January 2020 – Day 1

  • Onset of low-grade fever at 7pm (37.6C – 38.2C).
  • Sweat at 11pm with resolution of fever.
  • No other symptoms.

27th February 2020 – Day 2

  • Low-grade fever – 37.6C – 38.2C – no other symptoms.
  • Onset at 7pm – sweat at 11pm – fever resolves.

28th January 2020 – Day 3

  • Low-grade fever – 37.6C – 38.2C – no other symptoms.
  • Onset at 7pm – sweat at 11pm – fever resolves.

29th January 2020 – Day 4

  • No fever (on this day and days 5 – 9).

5th January 2020 – Day 10

  • Fever returns – 37.4 at 8am on rising.
  • Fever 38.6 in evening.
  • Medicine taken (type unknown) – followed by sweat and resolution of fever.
  • (No symptoms or fever between days 11 – 15).

8th February 2020 – Day 13

  • No symptoms.
  • Went to hospital for check with relatives – COVID-19 suspected from results of CT scan. Nucleic acid test collected.

9th February 2020 – Day 14

  • No symptoms.

10th February 2020 – Day 15 (day of consultation)

  • Previous history collected.
  • COVID-19 confirmed by nucleic acid test.
  • Currently:
    • No fever.
    • No breathing difficulties.
    • No symptoms – just history and diagnosis.
  • For admission to ‘shelter hospital’ tomorrow.
  • General temperament:
    • ‘Warm hearted’.
    • Caring and considerate.


With no symptoms being present at the time of the consultation, only a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, I made a general ‘constitutional’ prescription for this man but the remedy did not reach him before he was hospitalised and quarantined on the following day. I have since heard that he has been discharged and is fully recovered.

COVID-19: Three Chinese Case Reports discusses the difficulties of case-taking and treatment during an epidemic.

Information on Case Prescriptions

For many homeopaths reading these cases, potential remedies will readily spring to mind.

That won’t be the case for those just starting their homeopathic journey but, unfortunately, we are unable to provide that information for them.

Regulatory bodies, in Australia at least, have legislated that homeopathic remedies cannot be presented in the public domain as being useful for COVID-19.

To do so would mean they would be perceived as ‘advertising’ and action taken even though the named remedies have only been presented in the context of information or cases.

This legislation was introduced to stop the spread of misinformation and people taking advantage of those seen as  gullible but it also has the short-sighted effect of suppressing qualified and valuable information for those who may need it most.

While the names of prescribed remedies in these cases can’t be provided, it is still permissible to discuss them within consultations. Knowing this, appointments can be made so that this information can be more freely discussed.

If this is something you would like to do, we strongly recommend that appointments be made with suitable practitioners who always qualify or reference the material they share with you so you can then validate it for yourself.

If you would like to discuss the matter further with us, our free support and information service is always available.

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