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Remedies for Anxiety 1

Remedies for Anxiety

Surprisingly, a little anxiety can be of benefit but when it’s prolonged or intense, not so. Calm the mind and settle the nerves by matching your key symptoms to one of these remedies.

Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.)

The person needing Lac caninum (dong’s milk) as a remedy makes mistakes while writing or speaking, craves salt, spices or alcohol, and dislikes the heat. Does this sound like you?

Top 5 Remedies for Anxiety 4

Top 5 Remedies for Anxiety

Do you feel nervous and anxious when faced with a task or challenge? Do those feelings continue long after the situation has passed? These remedies can help. 

Homeopathy for Your Anxiety 5

Homeopathy for Your Anxiety

At your wit’s end before a big event? Suffering from nervous diarrhorea? Shake with a fear of heights? Here’s a list of remedies homeopaths regularly use for anxiety.

Christmas Survival Remedies 6

Christmas Survival Remedies

We all aspire to a happy and fun Christmas but sometimes things go wrong. Think of these important remedies when you need to restore joy and peace to your Christmas.

Suffering from Anxiety? 8

Suffering from Anxiety?

Those familiar with homeopathy find help while those who say it can’t work, continue to miss out on its benefits. Which of these 9 remedies could have helped them?

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep 9

Homeopathy for Poor Sleep

Which remedy would you use for disturbed sleep following grief, excitement, exertion, fright, anxiety, anger, or alcohol. This list of primary and secondary remedies may help.

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