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Homeopathic Options for Anxiety

Dry mouth, fear of heights, feelings of inadequacy, panic, traumatic experiences, digestive disturbances, timidity, and more? One of these 6 remedies may help.

Remedies for Common Issues

Headaches? Migraines? IBS? Anxiety? Depression? Cold or flu? Menopausal symptoms? Take a look at the remedies that regularly help these and other common complaints.

Depression During Menopause

Depression – it’s a common symptom menopause. Homeopathy has a lot to offer it and other associated symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and loss of confidence.

Management of Eczema

The good doctors from the BHA present 2 cases in which homeopathy was invaluable for eczema that covered the body, didn’t respond to steroid creams, and flared with anxiety.

Know Your Remedies: Rhododendron chrysanthum (Rhod.)

Common Names: Siberian rhododendron; golden flowered rhododendron; rhododendron aureum. General Information Rhododendron chrysanthum (Rhod.) is a one of the remedies for rheumatic and neuralgic pains, especially of the joints. Those …

Multiple Health Problems Improve with Homeopathy – Barry’s Story

Barry started his treatment knowing only a little about homeopathy. Like many people he thought of homeopathy as being similar to herbal medicine, relying on plant-based remedies. In fact, homeopathy draws its remedies from many kingdoms – animal, vegetable, mineral, and “imponderables”. The remedy that was helpful for Barry was a potency prepared from a mineral salt.

Monica’s Story – My Weird Symptoms

Introduction People often wonder whether homeopaths specialise into certain fields. Are there digestive homeopaths, fertility homeopaths or autism homeopaths? The answer is no: good homeopaths don’t specialise but treat the …