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Surgery? How homeopathy helps

Any surgery is stressful. Key homeopathic remedies alleviate the anxiety, discomfort, or pain that accompanies it, and can stimulate healing. Here’s a list of five.

Know Your Remedies: Phosphorus (Phos.)

Those needing Phosphorus are usually open, friendly, and sympathetic but also prone to anxiety. Physical symptoms include palpitations, goitre, ulcers, and hypoglycaemia.

Monica’s Story – My Weird Symptoms

People often ask, “Do homeopaths specialise in certain fields?” Are there ‘fertility homeopaths’ or ‘autism homeopaths’? The answer is, not really. Read why.

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Here’s a list of helpful remedies to help you manage social anxiety, stage fright, nightmares, fear of heights, unwanted impulses, forgetfulness, and more.

Remedies for Dental Complaints

Abscess, tenderness to warm or cold liquids, dry socket, night grinding, pain, bleeding, anxiety before an appointment? Homeopathy has you covered.

Remedies for Plants and Animals

Learn which remedies strengthen plants in the early Spring, cure white or grey mould on leaves, treat anxiety, fevers and bronchitis in horses, and more.

Know Your Remedies: Graphites (Graph.)

Graphites (Graph.) is a remedy for anxiety and uncertainty, and different types of skin complaints. The person is chilly, prone to obesity, dislikes sweet things… Sound familiar?

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