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Monica’s Story – My Weird Symptoms 1

Monica’s Story – My Weird Symptoms

People often ask, “Do homeopaths specialise in certain fields?” Are there ‘fertility homeopaths’ or ‘autism homeopaths’? The answer is, not really. Read why.

Homeopathy for School Anxiety 2

Homeopathy for School Anxiety

School is returning for some of us, and so is anxiety and stress in children. As always, homeopathy can help. This article discusses the remedies Bar-c, Silica and Pulsatilla.

Homeopathy: An Ally of Anxiety 5

Homeopathy: An Ally of Anxiety

“Linda returned to the emergency room because she felt she was choking … She was instructed to take her anti-anxiety medication and see her primary care physician.”

Remedies for Anxiety 7

Remedies for Anxiety

Panic triggered by shock? Worry about an upcoming journey? Anxious when alone and wanting company? Homeopathy is gentle, safe option for these and other types of anxieties.

Three ways we can help.