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Homeopathic Pharmacist 1

Homeopathic Pharmacist

Advice and information, colds and flu, mother & child health, anxiety & stress and injuries, aches & pains.These are the main reasons why people visit a homeopathic pharmacist.

Natural News and the Australian Telegraph 2

Natural News and the Australian Telegraph

And finally, an interesting perspective on the Australian situation written in inimitable style by Mike Adams from Natural News. Mike says: “In a new low for even the mainstream media, …

Sore and Sticky Eyes of Infants 4

Sore and Sticky Eyes of Infants

Sticky and infected eyes are a common complaint in babies. Unless the problem is serious, the usual advice is to regularly wipe the affected eye with a clean swab moistened …

H:MC21 5


Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century (H:MC21) provides homeopathic information, research and publications to help homeopaths and patients in the UK campaign for homeopathy. On its homepage alone it has: …

Childhood Cancer 6

Childhood Cancer

Homeopathy is more frequently used in the treatment of childhood cancer in Germany than any other complementary therapy.

Homeopathy in Africa - A Day in the Clinic 7

Homeopathy in Africa – A Day in the Clinic

Editor’s note: Camilla Sherr describes a fascinating if not exhausting day at the Homeopathy for Health in Africa clinic. In a location where the need is so great, homoeopathy is …

Little Women Used Homeopathy? 12

Little Women Used Homeopathy?

Did you know that the much-loved novel, Little Women, is sprinkled with references to homeopathy? It even plays a pivotal role in the story’s plot. Dana Ullman, in his book …

Nausea Complex

Contains homeopathics traditionally used for the symptoms of nausea and stomach queasiness. Instructions Shake the bottle. Place 5 drops into the mouth. Dose every 2 – 4 hours until symptoms …

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