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Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis 1

Study: Homeopathy and Tonsillitis

Compared to the placebo group, the pain and inflammation of viral tonsillitis improved significantly in the homeopathic group without adverse effects.

Reversing Autism – Zane's Story 2

Reversing Autism – Zane’s Story

Zane was uncommunicative, withdrawn, aggressive, and anxious. His mother wrote this letter to a professor after substantial improvements were seen with homeopathy.

Homeopathy and Tantrums 3

Homeopathy and Tantrums

Repeated ‘meltdowns’ and temper tantrums are not normal stage of childhood but a sign that something is amiss. These 4 of many remedies show how homeopathy helps.

Egg Allergies 'Treated with Egg' 4

Egg Allergies ‘Treated with Egg’

A study, from the New England Journal of Medicine, reported that 75% of children were allergy-free after given very small doses of egg. Sounds homeopathic to us.

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD 6

Study: Homeopathy for ADHD

A pilot study of children and teens showed that 63% experienced significant improvement with no side-effects when their ADHD was treated with homeopathy.

Somi – An Aggressive Child 8

Somi – An Aggressive Child

Somi was an angry 7-year-old facing expulsion from school. His mother was at her “wits end” before she tried homeopathy. Here’s what happened next.

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