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Childhood Depression Cases 1

Childhood Depression Cases

Two cases of depression: One child was withdrawn and wanting to die, the other cried incessantly and felt forsaken. Both needed different remedies but why?

Lack of Confidence and Learning Difficulties 2

Lack of Confidence and Learning Difficulties

Mitchell was a nine-year-old boy who hated school. Writing was difficult and concentration was poor. Homeopathy made a difference.

Boosting Kid's Confidence 3

Boosting Kid’s Confidence

“I’m the worst reader in the class,” Sara announced mid-first grade. “I’m just dumb.” Sara’s mother was heart-broken by these words until Sara was given a dose of the correct remedy.

Egg Allergies 'Treated with Egg' 4

Egg Allergies ‘Treated with Egg’

A study, from the New England Journal of Medicine, reported that 75% of children were allergy-free after given very small doses of egg. Sounds homeopathic to us.

Homeopathy for Children 5

Homeopathy for Children

Post-surgical pain, impetigo, vaccinosis, balanitis, and symptom suppression were successfully treated with homeopathy by these clever doctors. Here are their case reports.

Study: Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Migraine in Children 6

Study: Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention of Migraine in Children

Homeopathic treatment led to a significant decrease in the frequency, severity, and duration of these children's migraines.

Research: Homeopathy for Ear Infections 7

Research: Homeopathy for Ear Infections

Scenario: it's night. Your little one is fretful with ear pain. What to do? In four clinical trials homeopathic remedies relieved earaches and infections faster than antibiotics.

Autism & Homeopathy 8

Autism & Homeopathy

“Significant positive & curative response with homoeopathic medicines in subjects with ASD was found, suggesting that homoeopathic medicines can provide relief …”

Homeopathy and Tantrums 9

Homeopathy and Tantrums

Repeated 'meltdowns' and temper tantrums are not normal stage of childhood but a sign that something is amiss. These 4 of many remedies show how homeopathy helps.