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Boosting Kid's Confidence 2

Boosting Kid’s Confidence

Read how Sara felt “dumb” in the classroom … and then what happened after a few doses of the needed homeopathic remedy.

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study 3

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study

A doctor’s study on homeopathy for childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. Skeptics then attempted to tear it apart.

Homeopathy and Tantrums 5

Homeopathy and Tantrums

Repeated ‘meltdowns’ and temper tantrums are not normal stage of childhood but a sign that something is amiss. These 4 of many remedies show how homeopathy helps.

Reversing Autism - Brady's Story 6

Reversing Autism – Brady’s Story

Brady’s Mum said, “He spent his days pacing up and down the fence-line or hallway, gazing into space, tantrumming on the floor and screaming.” Change came with homeopathy.

"Inappropriate" Children 8

“Inappropriate” Children

“When children who have never been exposed to sexual matters start to behave inappropriately, parents are obviously concerned and confused.” One particular remedy may help.

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