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Tutorial 7 - The Vital Force 1

Tutorial 7 – The Vital Force

Chi, prana, life essence, bioenergy, vital force – they’re names used in various cultures for the life energy that resides in and animates all living things. Homeopathy acts at this level.

Homeopathy and Brain Tumours 2

Homeopathy and Brain Tumours

Encouraging results but what would have happened if an individualised approach as per Hahnemannian homeopathy had been adopted rather than a ‘one size fits all’ protocol?

Homeopathic Perspective - AIDS 4

Homeopathic Perspective – AIDS

“Although no therapy can or will help every HIV+ person … homeopathy is beginning to develop a reputation for helping people at varying stages of this disease.”

Studies: Homeopathy and Malaria 5

Studies: Homeopathy and Malaria

If countries want to know how to control their malaria problem it may be no more difficult than looking at those doing it with homeopathy.

Remedies for Poker Back 6

Remedies for Poker Back

Do you know someone who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis – stiffening of the spinal joints? A doctor lists key homeopathic remedies and corresponding symptoms.

Homeopathy in the Garden 7

Homeopathy in the Garden

Homeopathy stimulates a plant’s innate defences against pests and disease so that resistance to them is increased. Here’s a list of useful remedies for suitable plant conditions. 

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