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Let's look at homeopathy for malaria 2

Let’s look at homeopathy for malaria

Once again, a combination homeopathic treatment has produced a significant antimalarial effect when tested in vivo on mice. The treatment was also found to be non-harmful on their kidney and …

Homeopathy in Epidemics 3

Homeopathy in Epidemics

The Ebola virus has raised its ugly head again, resulting in hundreds of deaths across West Africa. So far homeopathy hasn’t been used as a preventative for this particular disease, …

Homeopathy, Haiti, and Chikungunya 4

Homeopathy, Haiti, and Chikungunya

Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB) is heading back to Haiti, which is still in the middle of a Chikungunya epidemic (see our article on how first-responder homeopathic graduates report they have …

Dengue prevention with homeopathy 6

Dengue prevention with homeopathy

Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes. Northern Queensland is currently in the middle of an outbreak. Cairns alone has reported 59 new cases since December – a …

Homeopathy for elephants 7

Homeopathy for elephants

The thought of an elephant rental business is both novel and intriguing to those in the West who rarely see an elephant – but in Kerala, India, it is a …

Preventing Chikungunya - Consider homeopathy 8

Preventing Chikungunya – Consider homeopathy

Australians holidaying in Bali and other Asian countries are returning home in record numbers with the mosquito borne disease Chikungunya. In 2012 only 19 case were reported, but this year …

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