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Homeopathic Remedies for Calf Rearing 1

Homeopathic Remedies for Calf Rearing

This article looks at how homeopathic remedies make a big difference on the farm and, with calf rearing. It also has a remedy guide for calf problems. Moo!

Surviving Infections on the Farm 2

Surviving Infections on the Farm

“By morning …The swelling had gone down by 50% and 24 hours after that, the swelling was even better! I went from feeling miserable to feeling like a total rock star!”

Homeopathy on the farm 5

Homeopathy on the farm

In a fascinating newsletter from Farm Homeopathy one farmer says, “Lambing is when we use homoeopathy most frequently and to good effect.” Another says, “Using homoeopathy means we can sell …

Piglet Homeopathy 8

Piglet Homeopathy

“Can piglets tell lies?”. Read a study about homeopathy for piglet diarrhoea and a skeptical farmer who now embraces and uses homeopathy on his farm. 

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