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Christmas Survival Remedies 2

Christmas Survival Remedies

We all aspire to a happy and fun Christmas but sometimes things go wrong. Think of these important remedies when you need to restore joy and peace to your Christmas.

Remedies for the Traveller Woes 3

Remedies for the Traveller Woes

Food poisoning, constipation, anxiety, sunstroke, exhaustion, and more can challenge travellers. For good reason homeopathy is known as the ‘traveller’s friend’.

Homeopathy saved my son’s life 4

Homeopathy saved my son’s life

Blast from the past: Read what Roger Daltrey had to say about homeopathy… and to Prince Charles. He starts with: “I had a very, very dramatic experience with my son …

Homeopathy and Sustainability 7

Homeopathy and Sustainability

Homeopathy is earth and people-friendly – sustainable medicine at its best. It doesn’t degrade our environment or health with the production of toxic medicines that then enter our bodies, water supply and food chain.

ECCH March Newsletter 8

ECCH March Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the European Central Council of Homeopaths Newsletter has the following interesting stories: 1. Children with respiratory diseases benefit from homeopathic treatment 2. Homeopaths are open, caring, …

Can Plastic Make You Sick? 10

Can Plastic Make You Sick?

(From the Living Wisdom magazine and the Australian Vaccinaton Network) Arsenic in ground water – see our first story – is just one form of toxic exposure. Another more recent …

Top 4 Overindulgence and Hangover Remedies 12

Top 4 Overindulgence and Hangover Remedies

  Learn when to use the top 4 homeopathic remedies for settling these symptoms through the stories of David the workaholic, Dimitri who wakes nauseated and gasping for air, Andy who …

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