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Haitians use homeopathy for Chikungunya 2

Haitians use homeopathy for Chikungunya

This unpleasant disease is making its way across the Caribbean and has now reached Haiti where recent homeopathic graduates report they are managing it with homeopathy – both in treatment …

Homeopathy in Haiti: Great achievements 3

Homeopathy in Haiti: Great achievements

Holly Manoogian of Homeopathy Without Borders (HWB), in the latest report from Haiti, says: “We know there are only approximately .25 physicians per 1,000 people serving Haiti’s population of approximately …

Homeopathy in Haiti 4

Homeopathy in Haiti

Good news from Haiti about the registration of their first homeopathic association. Holly Manoogian from Homeopaths Without Borders says: “It is official: the Association d’Homeopathes Communautaire have officially registered the …

Students Become Teachers 5

Students Become Teachers

More news from Haiti and Homeopaths Without Borders. Karen Allen reports how treatment in Haiti following the earthquake progressed to the training of local people so they could become community …

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