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Highest support for Indian homeopathy 1

Highest support for Indian homeopathy

The Chief (Prime) Minister of India, Narendra Modi, inaugurated the recent national homeopathy conference at Gandhinagar and called on homeopaths to create an atmosphere of trust for the therapy. His […]

Homeopathy - placebo or cure? 2

Homeopathy – placebo or cure?

The Malta Times says that homeopathy has flourished in Malta since being introduced in 2003. They interview one of the founding homeopaths who provides several treatment stories. The following is […]

Ed & Liz: Homeopathy, Science and Scientism 3

Ed & Liz: Homeopathy, Science and Scientism

What's the difference between science and scientism - and how do they relate to the discourse on homeopathy?

History of Australian Homeopathy 4

History of Australian Homeopathy

The Centre for Australian Homeopathic History has done a wonderful job in curating the letters, documents, and images of the early days of down-under homeopathy. Read of free clinics for […]

Homeopathy in paediatric oncology 5

Homeopathy in paediatric oncology

According to 2011 research, homeopathy is the most often used complementary therapy during the treatment of childhood cancer in Germany. Parents from the study said they had used homeopathy previously […]

Homeopathy for Croup 6

Homeopathy for Croup

Homeopathy for croup – the NCH lists key remedies. If more parents knew how good homeopathy was for croup there would be less middle of the night panic and urgent […]

For homeopathic practitioners: New survey on homeoprophylaxis 7

For homeopathic practitioners: New survey on homeoprophylaxis

Dr Isaac Golden and Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri of Federation University, Ballarat, Australia are conducting a survey to better understand homeopathic practitioners’ use and attitudes towards homeoprophylaxis (homeopathic immunisation). You […]

Milgrom on homeopathic "exploitation" 8

Milgrom on homeopathic “exploitation”

The letters on whether or not homeopathy is exploitive continue to arrive at the British Medical Journal. In the latest, Dr Lionel Milgrom (MARH, MRHom, BSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC) weighs […]

Silencing the Opposition 9

Silencing the Opposition

This following post and link is not about homeopathy, but what happened to Meryl Dorey. If you have been following her story you may already be concerned that she has […]