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Why homeopathy? Menopause 1

Why homeopathy? Menopause

Remedies for hot flushes and mood swings? Why not! Steve Scrutton discusses the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, conventional treatment options and their risks, and 12 remedies commonly used by homeopaths […]

Homeopathy research projects 2

Homeopathy research projects

In many countries homeopathy researchers find it difficult to attract research funding from their governments in spite of well-prepared applications. One institute, established to facilitate this research, is now looking […]

Free Sunburn Relief Complex with orders over $30 3

Free Sunburn Relief Complex with orders over $30

Ouch! We try to avoid it, but recent research from the Australian Cancer Council shows that two million Australians suffer from sunburn each weekend! While prevention is better than cure, […]

Abraham Lincoln a Supporter 4

Abraham Lincoln a Supporter

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a huge supporter of homeopathy? So were many of his advisers. Read about early American homeopathy and AMA hostility toward it.

Students Become Teachers 5

Students Become Teachers

More news from Haiti and Homeopaths Without Borders. Karen Allen reports how treatment in Haiti following the earthquake progressed to the training of local people so they could become community […]

On Violence and Ignorance 7

On Violence and Ignorance

On 8th October, 2012, journalist Tory Shepherd contacted Homeopathy Plus to say we had upset the skeptic groups with a two-sentence “shock and horror” piece. You may remember it and […]

Homeopathy - Popular In India 9

Homeopathy – Popular In India

Some interesting stats on homeopathy in India from 2011: Its popularity is second only to France The homeopathic market is growing by 30% each year Over 100 million people are […]

H:MC21 11


Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century (H:MC21) provides homeopathic information, research and publications to help homeopaths and patients in the UK campaign for homeopathy. On its homepage alone it has: […]

Research on Hering's 'Direction of Cure' 12

Research on Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’

Researchers investigate homeopathy and Hering’s ‘Direction of Cure’. Direction of Cure is a simple tool homeopaths use to tell if a person’s health is getting better … or worse. It’s […]