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Homeopathy Research and Distress in Lambs

“Homeopathy is there to be used even alongside antibiotics etc, and as you progress in your ability to use homeopathy then the use of conventional medication does drop.”

Homeopathy for Warts

Successful wart treatment should result not just in the disappearance of warts, but in general health improvements as well. Homeopathy rises to that challenge.

France: Removing Homeopathy

“France’s health watchdog has recommended that homeopathic medicines should no longer be paid for by the country’s health system…”

Ask Kaviraj — Issue 12

You asked and our agrohomeopathy expert, Kaviraj, answered. Here are his suggestions for repelling mice, sick goldfish, spiders, bedbugs, and jade perch fingerlings.

Remedies for Body Odour

Smelly feet, armpits, or mouth? A doctor explains how homeopathy helps, and provides a list of useful remedies. Your homeopathic ‘deodorant’ may be amongst them.

“My Face is Being Blown Off”

“When I press on that spot I feel unhinged, disconnected, like I’m floating. If I look in the mirror when I touch that spot I can’t tell the difference between me and my reflection.”

Grief and Trauma Remedies

How do you respond to loss or trauma? Weep? Have irritable outbursts? Feel exhausted and debilitated? Or perhaps you dread a recurrence? Find a match among these remedies.