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Research: Homeopathy for Ear Infections 4

Research: Homeopathy for Ear Infections

Scenario: It’s night. Your little one is fretful with ear pain. What to do? Four clinical trials have shown homeopathic remedies relieved earaches and infections faster than antibiotics.

Remedies for Coryza 5

Remedies for Coryza

Troubled by hoarseness, coughing, constant sneezing, burning eyes and nose? Put down the tissues as homeopathy can help. Take a look at these remedies.

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study 6

Video: Childhood Diarrhoea Study

A doctor’s study on the positive effects homeopathy on childhood diarrhoea was published in a prestigious medical journal. It was then attacked.

Study: Psoriasis treated by homeopathy 8

Study: Psoriasis treated by homeopathy

Researchers found that with homeopathy, other pre-existing health problems improved with psoriasis during treatment. Participants also reported their quality of life was better.

Shilpa’s Rhus-toxicodendron Flu 9

Shilpa’s Rhus-toxicodendron Flu

What’s significant about a Rhus-tox flu? Aching restlessness, stiffness and joint pain that improves with movement, shaking, anxiety, and more.

Three ways we can help.