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Homeopathy for turtles

“In the image below, you can see “KimChi” the female turtle. She is usually a “Nux Vomica” personality and this is her main remedy should one be needed.”

Homeopathy for Max’s ‘Gelsemium Flu’

Gelsemium was the main remedy used during the 1918 flu pandemic that killed millions. Wondering if it can still be used today and what its symptoms look like? Here’s Max’s story.

Case: Post-natal Depression

“I’d had post-natal depression for the last two years but had not told anybody. I had found myself at a point where I wanted to die; I could no longer cope with my feelings.”

Homeopathy for ADHD

Richard was restless, impulsive, and moody. He didn’t recognise social cues and was sometimes “unreachable”. He and his ADHD responded to homeopathy.

Homeopathy for Anger

“… it is said that anger is the umbrella emotion and it covers numerous feelings like hurt, embarrassment, rejection, fear, insecurity.” Here’s 5 remedies for those feelings and anger.

7 Top Remedies for Glaucoma

A doctor discusses remedies he uses again and again for glaucoma and its symptoms – fullness, tiredness, dim vision, increased intraocular pressure, and more.