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Legal action to keep homeopathy on the NHS 2

Legal action to keep homeopathy on the NHS

A Scottish patient and her lawyer have commenced legal action regarding a Lothian decision to withdraw NHS funding for homeopathic treatment. According to The Scotsman, the patient and her legal …

Milgrom on homeopathic "exploitation" 3

Milgrom on homeopathic “exploitation”

The letters on whether or not homeopathy is exploitive continue to arrive at the British Medical Journal. In the latest, Dr Lionel Milgrom (MARH, MRHom, BSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC) weighs …

The Professor and the Dame 4

The Professor and the Dame

According to recent media reports the UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davis has branded homeopathy “rubbish” and its practitioners “peddlars”. Dr Lionel R Milgrom (BSc, MSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC, …

The Queen's Corgis 9

The Queen’s Corgis

It’s good to read the Queen’s corgis are treated with homeopathy. From all reports they are thriving but it’s not just the Royal pets who benefit – the Queen and …

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